Women and Tango


Author: Mónica María Fumagalli
64 pages with colour illustrations and Photos
ISBN 978-987-48170-4-4

Angels of the hearth, cabaret demons. Women and Tango
Women have always been the at the center of tango’s poetic…


The Book

Women have always been the at the center of tango’s poetic universe.  They created it dancing together with their men and were protagonists of South American history although relegated to a subordinate position in official chronicles.

The Author
Monica Maria Fumagalli, a professional dancer, has been dancing and teaching for many years. She has translated in italian different Spanish essays including : Il tango e i suoi labirinti (Tango and Its Labyrinths) by Rafael Flores Montenegro, ABRAZOS press; Il tango. Un’appassionata ricerca della libertà (Tango, A Passionate Search for Freedom) by Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel, ABRAZOS press; Il bazar degli abbracci (The Bazar of Embraces) by Sonia Abadi, ABRAZOS press; Tango senza fine (Tango With No End) by Rafael Flores Montenegro and Carlos Gardel, VIENNEPIERRE, Milan.

The Un paso más series
Born from an idea of Monica Maria Fumagalli and Emanuela Bussolati is composed of different volumes, as well as conferences held by Monica Maria Fumagalli in different countries in Europe, Cuba, Argentina and documentation discovered during many trips to Buenos Aires.

Emanuela Bussolati has dedicated most of her professional career to publications for children. Her books have been published in many languages and have been awarded various prizes. She has been fascinated by the complexity of the language of tango, its dance steps, but also its music, history, legends, and intermingling of different races. To share this wealth of culture, she believed in and started the project Un paso más.