Stories for brave children


Illustrated book for children with refugee or other distressing experiences. For their parents or professionals in the fields of education, social work, and therapy, available in six languages: German / Arabic / Kurdish / Persian / English / Ukrainian.

Author: Romina Tumini 168 color pages printed on 115 gramms paper, fully illustrated by the author’s son.


It is true that children are highly adaptable and resilient in difficult or traumatic situations. It is also true that they need support, guidance and accompaniment. This book offers the little ones stories and heroes to identify with, to reflect on their difficulties, and get inspired to find new solutions. For adults, it provides tools and resources to help them, and it is also an occasion to enjoy a shared activity.

Romina Tumini was born in Argentina, has lived in Greece, and now lives in Stuttgart for almost a decade. She is a psychologist (UK) and psychotherapist specialized in trauma and couples therapy. She works with traumatized migrants and refugees and participates in congresses, gives talks and seminars on migration, integration, interculturality, gender violence and trauma.

She is also a Primary Education Teacher, with Masters’ Degrees in Clinical Psychopedagogy and Creative Writing. Since she was a child, she read a lot and wrote; she has won literary contests and has been published in anthologies and magazines.