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Daniel Canuti is a dedicated and experienced tango teacher from Cordoba, Argentina.  He has taught internationally and he will be back in Cape Town to run a series of workshops from.

He has a highly personal way of addressing students’ needs and likes to spends time helping individual students master both steps and style.

Daniel also runs a small publishing house devoted to books on tango.  He has had several books translated from Spanish into Italian, English and German.  To see his website:

Description of workshops content:

Workshop 1: Improve your communication with your partner.

Through a series of specific exercises and games you will be working on different aspects of your communication with the partner. This workshop will change your approach to dancing and will prepare you for the 2 following workshops.

Workshop 2: Over-all structure of Tango: learn the map of your dance!

s in every art, craft or science, there is a structure. Tango structure is possible to describe in a few very easy concepts. The exploration that then follows using this structure takes longer but it is hugely facilitate by this knowledge. Knowing the structure saves you years of frustration in trying to put the moves together. This workshop is essential for the one that follows as it prepares you for it!

Workshop 3: The joy of improvisation, let’s have fun!

This workshop is ideally taken after the previous one as knowing the structure helps you improvise. Yes, everyone will always tell you that Tango is an improvised art but, no, you can’t just do anything you want. There are rules and principles we follow. And in knowing those, you will discover maximum freedom of expression!

Optional extra classes:

Milonga: Most people seem to know about milonga but are still unsure of how it is danced.  It is integral to dancing in Argentina, as it provides light relief from the more sombre tango.  It is a light-hearted dance and a joy to watch.

Choreographed sequences:  Some people would like to learn a choreographed routine for show or for fun.  For those advanced people who would like a challenge.

Technique for leaders:  This is a class strictly for leaders to give them practice exercises (on basic turns, etc.) so that they can lead with more confidence.

Boleos and ganchosBoleos can be led by the leader or can be adornments.  A good boleo is very difficult to master and needs to be practiced constantly.  Many followers have expressed interest in boleos and many leaders are unsure about how to give the signal. Ganchos (hooks) are also a popular feature of tango.   They require a very sure signal from the leader and a swift, deft kick from the follower.  They are not that easy to perform well, and Daniel will give practice exercises to show followers and leaders how to improve.