• Stories for brave children


    Author: Romina Tumini
    168 color pages printed on 115 gramms paper, fully illustrated by the author’s son.
    ISBN 978-3-00-069435-6

    Illustrated book for children with refugee or other distressing experiences. For their parents or professionals in the fields of education, social work, and therapy, available in six languages: German / Arabic / Kurdish / Persian / English / Ukrainian.


  • Traces. Memories of Resistance (Argentina 1974 – 1983)


    Author: María del Carmen Sillato
    240 pages
    ISBN 978-3-939871-20-0

    This book brings together the unpublished works of survivors of State terrorism in Argentina. The painful past emerges on each page to be re-worked and approached from different angles; it invites reflection and is projected toward new audiences.