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  • Tango Awareness


    Writter: Mauricio Castro

    128 pages.

    Learning to dance tango.
    Looking and feeling great is only the beginning.
    Find out how some dancers learn faster and better than others.

    Understanding the solid principals of Tango Awareness will make your mind drift away into the comfort zone. Being yourself while you learn is easy.



    TANGO. An anxious quest for freedom

    Writter: Gloria Dinzel, Rodolfo Dinzel

    Translated by Martin Harvey

    115 pages with illustrations.

    For the first time a literary work on tango dynamics attempts to dialogue about the technical and theoretical aspects of this dance, that is ¨porteña¨, and shows us to the world.


Latest Books

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    The Tango Scene


    The Tango Scene. Swing in

    Writter: Sonia Abadi

    116 pages.

    “El bazar de los abrazos”, written by Sonia Abadi, takes us through the world of dancing tango where men and women are the main characters of this universe of dreams and reality.

    Through its pages we travel to the milonga, “a permament emergency room for those who suffer the lack of tango, life and acquaintances”.

  • Tango Masters: Juan D’Arienzo


    Tango Masters: Juan D’Arienzo

    Writter: Michael Lavocah

    312 Pages

    In 1937, Juan D’Arienzo propelled an entire city to its feet with his irresistible beat, converting a generation of tango listeners into tango dancers. In so doing, he created the foundation for tango’s most glorious years, the golden decade of the 1940s.

  • TANGO Vol. 2


    TANGO. The structure of the dance 2. The Matrix.

    Writter: Mauricio Castro

    144 pages with illustrations.

    Mauricio Castro´s book offers a new system to help tha dancer creatively develop his/her tango using solidly established technical foundations.

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    Tango Masters: Aníbal Troilo


    Tango Masters: Aníbal Troilo

    Writter: Michael Lavocah

    212 pages

    Aníbal Troilo (1914–1975) played the bandoneón with such feeling that he became revered as the most expressive player of the instrument. In 1937 he formed his own orchestra, rapidly establishing it as one of the greatest in the golden age of tango. The hallmarks of this orchestra were its vibrant sound, its ability to deliver a lyric, and the colour and shading in its music, something which Troilo and his musicians explored more and more throughout the 1940s.

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    Tango Masters: Osvaldo Pugliese


    Tango Masters: Osvaldo Pugliese

    Writter: Michael Lavocah

    296 pages

    Osvaldo Pugliese (1905-1995) created a new style of tango music that was beautiful, warm and powerful – the most passionate and intense that tango has ever known. He formed his orchestra in 1939 from a cell in Argentina’s most notorious political prison. Standing firm against decades of persecution for his communist beliefs, he eventually led his musicians and his devoted fans alike to a triumphant night at one of the world’s grandest opera houses.