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    Tango Masters: Carlos Di Sarli


    Tango Masters: Carlos Di Sarli

    Writter: Michael Lavocah

    256 pages

    “That orchestra had something that made it different from the others. It had something that it is now hard to find which I call sacred fire.”

    Carlos Di Sarli (1903-1960) created the most elegant tango music ever known. Uniquely amongst the great orchestras, his final recordings are loved as much or even more than his early ones. Great waves of melody create a majestic feeling, although the music remains at heart quite simple, a combination which makes it a favourite of those who love to dance.

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    I Am Tango


    I Am Tango. Biography of Maria Nieves

    Writter: María Oliva

    134 pages illustrated with photos.

    “Tango dance has something very special: it’s the communication within the couple. That is why when we dance it we feel an endless number of emotions, such as love…and hate. I was born to dance tango and I will die for my tango.”


Latest Books

  • Traces


    Traces. Memories of Resistance (Argentina 1974 – 1983)

    Writter: María del Carmen Sillato

    240 pages.

    This book brings together the unpublished works of survivors of State terrorism in Argentina. The painful past emerges on each page to be re-worked and approached from different angles; it invites reflection and is projected toward new audiences.

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    Blackness in Tango


    Blackness in Tango, a story of love hidden in the notes

    Writter: Mónica María Fumagalli

    64 pages with colour illustrations and Photos.

    Slaves took part in the founding of Buenos Aires and in the wars that shaped its destiny. One of the first bandoneón players in history was the son of slaves: it’s difficult to imagine tango as a creation indifferent to the presence of Blacks.

  • Tango Stories


    Tango Stories. Musical secrets

    Writter: Michael Lavocah

    224 pages.

    In this unique new book, Michael Lavocah takes you on a compelling journey through tango music. He introduces the key individuals who shaped tango history and explains how they influenced the evolution of this music, telling their stories in a series of lively vignettes.

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    Tango Masters: Osvaldo Pugliese


    Tango Masters: Osvaldo Pugliese

    Writter: Michael Lavocah

    296 pages

    Osvaldo Pugliese (1905-1995) created a new style of tango music that was beautiful, warm and powerful – the most passionate and intense that tango has ever known. He formed his orchestra in 1939 from a cell in Argentina’s most notorious political prison. Standing firm against decades of persecution for his communist beliefs, he eventually led his musicians and his devoted fans alike to a triumphant night at one of the world’s grandest opera houses.

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    The Tango Scene


    The Tango Scene. Swing in

    Writter: Sonia Abadi

    116 pages.

    “El bazar de los abrazos”, written by Sonia Abadi, takes us through the world of dancing tango where men and women are the main characters of this universe of dreams and reality.

    Through its pages we travel to the milonga, “a permament emergency room for those who suffer the lack of tango, life and acquaintances”.